New York Live Videos



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6 responses to “New York Live Videos

  1. Marlina

    Thanks so much for sharing John 🙂 You made my day extra special

  2. viktoryian

    That´s beautiful! Hmmm… Miss this kind of alive concerts here in Peru.. :(..

  3. Lina (Trinity)

    Ahh…my favourite song, Bugs to the Light!!
    Nicely done bro!

  4. Rania

    Belle performance !
    Tu parais si simple, si sincère, sans artifice, libre en fait. Un instrument, ta voix, et te voila partit dans une douce mélancolie.
    A quoi penses-tu quand tu fermes les yeux ??
    J’espère retrouver cet esprit dans le prochain album.

  5. Clare

    Lovely, lovely, lovely videos… Posted on my 35th B’day, April 15! Woo Hoo! What a great present! Thanks, John! LOL! Great live version of “Bugs to the Light!”

  6. It’s great to see you again in live, although it’s in video 🙂 Thx for uploading them!
    Remember your Spanish fans too 😀

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