Pic from Copenhagen




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4 responses to “Pic from Copenhagen

  1. Jade

    Aww, such a lovely photograph!! Can’t believe that no one commented yet.
    Is that a pre- or a post-gig shot?? Doesn’t matter anyway as you guys look really GREAT!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in London!

    Confused as always but calm (me, not you 😉 )
    Jade xx

  2. Kati

    I was about to comment just now… was a bit confused that nobody commented just yet, too.

    Really nice picture… you’re looking good 🙂 Good to see you smile :)!

  3. Alexia

    really nice pic, with your hair streaming in the wind 😉 thx!

    See you in London!

  4. A brilliant concert and a great surprise to see Pembers on stage too!

    Now it is finishing that album and planning more gigs… lol… we do want and need to get that new album of yours from somewhere… 😉


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