Hat Issues



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2 responses to “Hat Issues

  1. Jade

    Hi there John,

    OMG, I just fell about laughing… “Hat Issues”? – Issues in general I’d say… kidding! At least you seem to have won ‘rock-paper-scissors’, so someone else had to wear the tutu, phew!!

    One of the new acoustic Taylors isn’t it? Verrry nice!

    “Hot and sticky” – Have fun tonight
    Jade xx

    PS: 8:15 pm (GMT) – Netherlands 1, England 0 , but Beckham looks good…

  2. missalabama

    This is hilarious! Rolling on floor laughing! Thanks for making my day, John! Hey Jade, I don’t think he won Rock, Paper, Scissors… I think it looks more like these boys must have lost a bet with Miss Imbriglua! I’m guessing he’d rather have hat issues than have to wear the tutu though!

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