Brendan Benson

Went to see this fella tonight and he was excellent. His support act was brill too. Corey Chisel. Go check em out




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  1. Jade

    Thank you, John, for the recommendation.

    I went to see Brendan Benson on Thursday and indeed, he was excellent. What a stirring set of songs, all very upbeat. Powerful stuff, reminded me a bit of the 70’s ‘meat and potatoes’ 😉 guitar rock… done just as brilliantly.

    What I loved even more was Cory Chisel. WOW, he’s got an amazing voice, really fine guitar playing as well… and lots of nice banter in between the songs.

    BTW, Magnet is a cool little club here in Berlin, and it has a great sound. I’d love to see YOU perform there one day!!!



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