Tour Diary Wed Mar 10th

Up early at Afroshane’s in NYC. Write 30 second piece of music for a TV commercial in U.S. Breakfast at Pink Pony. Cab to Newark Airport in Jersey. Angry stewardess tries to put my guitar into the hold. Ain’t gonna happen love. He sits with me. Check out last nights recording of Living Room Gig. Happy. Land in Toronto. Cab to my buddy Richie’s house. Meet little 17 month old Sydney and Mum. Few beers and ribs. Lots of baby chat. Bed.



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2 responses to “Tour Diary Wed Mar 10th

  1. Napsi Beaumont

    “He sits with me”…- is it definately a He then????? I’m pretty suprised really as I thought that U supposed 2 cross- sex your belongings, i.e my first car: ( as I’m a female- it had 2 to be sexed as a male -Arthur, and the current new one’s Johnny boy…… ). I’m really happy that You get the chance to pay a flying visit 2 Your friends 2. Best of Luck with Your TOUR and God Bless Your Mini tour diary!!!!!! Lol: Napsi xxx

  2. Natasha

    we are looking forward to tonight!!!!! song of the day…”i got a feeling” (black eyed peas).
    enjoy your stay in our beautiful Toronto!!!!!!!

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