Tour Diary Mar 11th

Wake at my buddies place Richie. Huge 12 hour sleep. Some typical Canadian cuisine Jamaican patties…!!!!. Get the bus and the subway into Toronto. Nice bus driver lets me off paying…!! Register myself at Canadian Music Week at The Royal York Hotel. Industry types everywhere looking for the “next big thing”. Horrible. Get the hell out of there.

Tim Hortons. Love his coffee and always go there when in Canada. A frantic lady comes up and asks if I’ve seen an earring. I scour the floor and a few mins later I find it. The woman is nearly in tears and gives me a huge hug. It has enormous sentimental value apparently. She leaves, then comes back to say thanks again and gives me a Tim Hortons gift card. She leaves, comes back again and gives me her business card and says I have no idea how important the earring is to her and to call her if `i need anything at all while in Toronto. I think I get it….!!! Nice lady.

Wander down Queen St which I always do in Toronto. Great neighbourhood. Glass of wine and spring rolls in The Queen Mother Cafe. I suspect it’s a gay hang out. Not sure. Anyway, who cares always lovely people in there and before I know it I’m chatting to the locals at the bar.

Head back to the hotel for soundcheck at The Library Bar. After sitting there for over an hour, I get told I am not having a sound check…!!! OK!!!!. I sit there for the next 3 hours watching the industry cliche’s do their thing (get drunk and talk bollox). They inspire a couple new songs right there and then. Look out for “fish out of water”. A few lovely familiar faces arrive. Very nice to see you. You know who you are. I then get told I only have 25 minute set…!!! I explain its a bloody long way to come for 25 minutes. Pissed off by now and getting treated like crap. Fuck this. I go on stage with absolutely no intention of coming off until I am done.

Let’s Run, I Leave On Friday, So Close, No Surprises, Rendezvous, 2nd For The 1st Time, Is This The Best It Gets. 40 minutes…!!!! Good response from the crowd. Probably because the lovely familiar faces and the faithful few make so much applause, everyone else has too join in aswell. Thank you guys. You know who you are and I really appreciate the support.

Instantly get told by a guy from a record label who has come to see me that I was great and he really enjoyed the set, but I don’t fit into any category and I sound like no one else. This, you would think, is a good thing and is exactly what I have always tried to be. However in this forward thinking, healthy, prosperous industry that is music (that’s English sarcasm by the way), that is a bad thing apparently. He has no further interest in me and with a shake of the hand wishes me good luck.

I hang out watching the other performers who a very good. Especially a band called “Jon and Ron” I think thats the name anyway. I chat to my new lovely Toronto friends for the rest of the evening slagging off the music industry. They even give me a lift home in exchange for being a real life sat nav with authentic English accent. Thank you girls.


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