Tour diary Mar 12th

Nasty Rainy day in Toronto. Pizza delivery with Rich. Head into Toronto on the subway. Head the wrong way for 3 stops. Thanks random stranger who listens in to my phone conversation and figures this out for me.

Get to Czehoski on West Queen St and meet the booker. Nice girl. The soundman, however, is a dick. No soundcheck. Only the 1st act gets a sound check. Thanks for telling me this when we arranged one last week. I meet some friends of friends and chat guitars and how it is to make a living in this industry (tough). I spy a lovely upright piano onstage so ask if I can use it for the show. “No” is the one word reply as the soundman walks off and becomes a barman…!! The 1st guy soundchecks and sounds great. I ask to check my guitar through the soundsystem as it cut out mid set last night. “No” again is the one word answer followed by a hurried walk to become barman again. Thats it. I’ve had enough of this prick. I go up to him and explain that I have travelled thousands of miles to be here and that I was promised a soundcheck and that I will be checking my guitar wether he likes it or not and that he can stay behind his precious bar and I will check my guitar on my own as I am actually quite experienced at these kind of things. At this point I wanted to point out that last time I played in Toronto was at the Air Canada Centre in front of 15,000 people with Blunt and that I will never see his little bitter face at his tiny stupid club ever again. However, the Englishman in me kicked in and I just say “Sorry to be a pain”. Anyway, guitar is not well. Pour fella is struggling on this trip. But we’ll figure it out.

The idea of hanging out in this presence of this man for the next 3 hours is not very tempting so head back to Rich’s. Steak and veg. Yum.
Head back to the gig and its very busy. Lots of lovely familiar faces again. Even more than yesterday. Thank you guys. Your support really is what keeps me going. I go onstage ahead of schedule. Despite the attitude of the stupid little soundman, he actually does a very good job and the sound onstage is fantastic. Lots of people chatting loudly though so time to win them over.

Let’s Run, I Leave On Friday, So Close, Alexander & Annabel, The Power Of Love, Rendezvous, Is This The Best It Gets, Cold Coffee, 2nd For The 1st Time. Great gig and wonderful crowd, even the noisy ones really enjoyed it by the end. Chat to everyone and get email addresses for the mailing list. Try to give away CD’s but people insist on giving me money for them. Very nice.

Have a beer or 3 and then head home. Thank you Toronto. I am always amazed at the loyal support of the people that follow me in general and you guys in Toronto are some of the best. I love playing here. I really mean it when I say its you guys that make it all worth while and that keep me going. Thank You and see you again soon I hope.



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One response to “Tour diary Mar 12th

  1. Lina

    A true English gentleman is hard to find in Toronto but I found one singing a sweet tune in a tiny bar last night. 🙂
    Was supposed to make it to the previous nights show and didn’t want to go into detail about how I couldn’t make it. Let’s just say I had as much a troubled time getting there as you did last night. Frustrating and disappointing. None the less it was a great set last night. Short…but very sweet.
    Congratulations again on the birth of little Viktor. Next time you’re in town please let me know. I’d be honoured to help you out in any way. xo

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