Tour Diary Mar 13th

Pack my bags and say bye to Rich, Grace and the lovely Sydney and go to Toronto bus station. Get a coffee that I then drop in the middle of the waiting room in front of everyone. Very embarrassing. Especially when the loudspeaker shouts “clean up in main reception” just as I am attempting to clear it up myself. Get on the bus and hide my face.

Work on my new songs on the lap top all the way to a place called Kingston. “what if” sounding bloody lovely.

Tim Hortons rest break = coffee and yogurt. A selfish fat kid on the bus orders all kinds of hot sandwiches with extra blah blah and no whatever……Absolutely no care what so ever for the fact the rest of the bus has 10 minutes to grab something to eat as well. No time for proper food. Jump back on the bus with my yogurt which is more than most people on the bus got. The fat kid tucks into his several bags of food oblivious to the surrounding hungry people staring daggers at him.

The bus has wi-fi so check up on all the soccer results back in UK. A 1-1 draw for my beloved Coventry City

Arrive in Montreal and get greeted by the lovely Kristen who I am playing tomorrows gig with and who’s house I am staying at. We grab a couple drinks in the local Irish Bar. Paddies day tomorrow and it looks like some of the locals have started already. Great fun but with a show tomorrow, we reluctantly leave and head home to the sound of dancing and violins.

Beautiful big house in the centre of Montreal. Grab an early night and work on my lyrics.

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One response to “Tour Diary Mar 13th

  1. Natasha

    Have a great gig tonight.
    Montreal is a real party! If you want some really good Mexican food while in Montreal, I suggest Casa De Mateo. You won’t be disappointed. Really nice place.

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