Tour Diary Mar 14th

Eggs on toast with Kristen and her very cool Dad in Montreal. Then a bit of English premiership on the computer. Rooney is in top form.
Spend the afternoon working on some tunes with Kristen. She has a wonderful voice and some good ideas. I don’t really do much. Just fine tune a couple of musical bits and change the odd lyric.
We head to Centre St Ambroise for the gig. It’s a horrible day in Montreal today. Windy and wet. The gig itself is tiny. Neither Kristen or I were expecting such an intimate space. Its full of green people celebrating Paddies day when we arrive. They soon leave. A guitarist virtuoso called Daryl starts the night and is very good. Once again a few familiar faces are in the crowd who have come to see me. I sign CD’s and have a nice chat. Thank you guys.
Get up on the miniscule stage. Let’s Run, I Leave On Friday, So Close, Alexander & Annabel, Cold Coffee. As a request, I then attempt Walking On Broadway. Really get into it and hit the chorus and the lyrics are just gone from my head…!!! This has NEVER happened to me before. So embarrassing. I attempt the chorus again but no its gone. Awful. I very awkwardly move onto the next song. How terrible.
Power Of Love, Is This The Best It Gets and 2nd For The 1st Time.
Nice gig apart from the obvious fuck up. Chat to many lovely people and sell more CD’s than I ever thought I would in such a tiny space.
Kristen and I go meet her friends at a bar round the corner and eat. Quick beer and then off home. I crawl into bed and suddenly it comes to me “I feel in close proximity to the people Walking on Broadway” the lyric I forgot…..Doh….!!!!!
Next stop New York City



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3 responses to “Tour Diary Mar 14th

  1. Napsi Beaumont

    Hey Johnny boy, every1 gets sg screwed up from times to times. Don’t blame U’rself, U’re only Human. This’s is our Family’s Motto hope U like it: – “The Man who makes No mistakes does not usually make anything.”
    So a little advice: On U’r Next tour take 1 of us- (U’r crazy Garriboardies with U) and they’ll help U out with U’r lyrics- I’m sure…………
    Ps: Hope U’ve Not 4gotten Mother’s Day yest. Lol: N x


    Simply and truly JOHN GARRISON

  3. Lucy

    Don’t think too much about that, John, mistakes happens, and I think every singer lived that situation before 😉
    Don’t worry ;D

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