Tour Diary Mar 15th (but the tour is over surely)

Pack my bags and say bye to Kristen Bussandri and her Dad. Then….panic….I have left my jacket at the venue last night…..NOOOOO. Call the venue but no answer. Plane leaves in 2.5 hours. Mr Bussandri jumps into life and takes me back into Montreal to the gig in his car. But theres no one there. The venue is actually part of a brewery so I go inside to try to find someone who can let me into the next door building. Lovely smell of ale being made….yummmm….anyway..focus Johnny focus…!!!! I find someone and they let me in and sure enough, the pour lonely forgotten Patrizia Pepe is just hanging there, having given up all hope of rescue. I grab Pat and the awesome Mr Bussandri speeds me to the airport with no time to spare. Run to the Air Canada desk with passport in hand and…………. “I’m sorry sir your flight has been cancelled”….

3 hours later and a few Jack Daniels to kill the time, I get on the plane to New York. The lovely Dass Ass and Eran pick me up and we grab drinks at a very cool bar in Brooklyn once owned by Heath Ledger, called 5 Leaves. Very nice time reminiscing about when I 1st moved to New York and slept on her “borrowed floor”.
Get dropped downtown and meet Afroshane and his lady. Meet my buddy Adam at the most authentic ba da bing Italian restaurant I have ever seen. Called Ballato’s. If you have ever seen the movie Dinner Rush, then this place is exactly that. Amazing food. A must from now on for Italian in NYC. Then back to Lower East Side for drinks with the Shane and finally wind down after a stressful day.

And no mention of music….. what a crap tour diary. Its just become a plain old “diary”



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2 responses to “Tour Diary Mar 15th (but the tour is over surely)

  1. Lucy

    No mention of music? I’d swear that “borrowed floor” quote is from a song…. Just a joke 😉
    As always, some things only happen to you, Mr. Garri! Funny to read them.
    Hope the stress is out by now.
    Best of luck in Copenhagen!

  2. Napsi Beaumont

    Hope U’ve managed to get back 2 Copenhagen 2 U’r snuggly Family in 1 piece just in time to get a “belated” 1st Mother’s Day with Viktor and Pernille. I bet U’ve had a gr8 time catching up with U’r mates across the Pond. Please have a very speedy break and get back 2 the U.K. A.S.A.P. as we’re longing for Your Music here 2 Do U know. Lol: Napsi x

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