Tour Diary Mar 16th

Wake at Afroshane’s. No one about. All gone out. Beautiful day in NYC. T-shirt weather. I go for my coffee at bean on 1st Av. Walk up to my old neighbourhood and chill around Gramercy Sq. Nowhere quite like this area in the NYC sun. Head back downtown and grab lunch with Dass Ass, my old manager and AShane at Pink Pony. Head to Brooklyn for a while and walk along the river with Dass Ass talking about the days when I 1st moved over. Seems a long time ago now. One of the best things about Brooklyn. When you live in Manhattan, you don’t get to see the city you live in. From Brooklyn, the city looks beautiful. Especially on a day like today.

Manhattan view from Brooklyn

I pack up all my things, say all my goodbyes and head to JFK. Large JD & Coke that costs a staggering $21 and some crazy hot wings, board the plane and head home. It’s been fun people. Thanks to everyone that made it possible and thanks for reading my little adventure.

Much love




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4 responses to “Tour Diary Mar 16th

  1. Lina

    Safe journey home John!
    Thanks for making my life a little happier 🙂

  2. Natasha

    My pleasure. Thanks for taking us on an adventure with you.

  3. Aline

    Home sweet home! Thanks for everything and please come back again. 🙂

  4. Lucy

    Awesome picture :O It’s so beautiful!!! 😀

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