Copenhagen gig Mar 21st

Thanks to all those that came to the gig Sunday. Really nice intimate venue and great crowd. Little Viktor’s 1st concert. He only cried when I played someone else’s song. Good lad.

I rushed there from a weekend in London that was meant to be a radio session playing for Natalie Imbruglia. But the session got cancelled last minute and too late to change flights. Decided to go anyway and see family and friends. Easyjet lost the Bugaboo stroller though so had to carry Viktor around London underground in one hand and a guitar in the other all weekend. Not ideal. Then arrived back in Copenhagen to find out Easyjet had sent the stroller to London in the morning. So clueless.
Anyway, back in Copenhagen, the night at Raahuset, is an open mic night with a guest slot at the end for “established” performers. Thats me folks. Apparently.

Very nice atmosphere and lots of my new Danish family there. I played Let’s Run, I Leave On Friday, So Close, Alexander & Annabel, No Surprises, Best it Gets, 2nd For The 1st Time and Rendezvous. Nicely happy with the gig even if my voice was a little tired and stressed. Really nice bunch of musicians also playing and some great people that will hopefully become good friends.

Amazed to see familiar faces all the way from Germany. Really amazed. Thank you and Viktor says thanks too.

Finally this morning (tuesday) easyjet got the Bugaboo back….!!!! woo……




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