Everything & Nothing

I just went through my old Blog on MySpace talking about my days in New York. I miss writing about everything and nothing. So I will start again.

So Hello. Today I practiced for my gig next week in my apt. in Copenhagen. I also worked on my new songs “Calling All The Lonely Souls” and “What If”. The builders who are knocking out walls in the apt. below soon put a stop to that.

Then emails and business related stuff. Very boring but pays the bills and, more importantly, pays for my own project. Some more work in London and Italy next week. Also a song I co-wrote here in Denmark is going to be released as a single by my new buddy Tobias Stenkjær. Great news. Not bad for my 1st co-write in my new home city.

I then started a new thread on the message board for all the gigs I have ever done as a solo artist. Please go and say how the gigs were for you or what you expect from forthcoming gigs. Lets just have a nice cosy chat over there.

Viktor now crying so gotta go

Thanks for reading



This is me wrting this Blog right now…!!



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3 responses to “Everything & Nothing

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    A co-write? How exciting!

    Some of us specialize in “lonely souls”. If you need any assistance just let me know.

    You take care of that little dumpling 🙂


    John Garrison SIMPLY WONDERFUL

  3. Napsi Beaumont

    Hi John,
    I miss u’r “sunshiny” smile and my regular Garrifixes. I just love the new piano version of “Is This The Best It Gets”. Does this mean that poor Chris is out of his job?
    I simply just can Not wait any more to hear your new songs.
    Sorry that I can’t make Tue night, I’m REALLY heartbroken! Have a fabulous 1. Napsi xx

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