Co-Writes, False Accusations, London, Frankie Say No More

Hi Folks

So Thursday I wrote another great little track with Tobias Stenkjær in Copenhagen. Very enjoyable although the fascination with midgets is becoming a little worrying.

Then Friday my family and I headed to London. We arrived at CPH airport to be told the flight is an hour delayed. Then 2 hours then 3…!! I was then approached by a policeman as the cleaning lady had made a complaint about me…!!!! Very strange as I had done absolutely nothing wrong..!! Anyway, while holding little Viktor, I explained that I had done absolutely nothing wrong, and with the cleaner pointing at me shouting in a language neither I or the policeman understood, he left cursing the cleaning lady. 4.5 hours later than scheduled, we take off.

Arrive in Primrose Hill at 4:30am…!!!

4 hours later I head to Sarm West studios. Owned by Trevor Horn, my absolute hero as a Child. The place where Frankie Goes To Hollywood recorded all their music. Plus Seal, Queen, Led Zepp, Bob Marley…etc etc etc. I was playing for an amazing new singer called James Craise who Trevor manages. Stunning voice. Plus my good buddies, Karl Brazil, Chris Pemberton and Ben Castle. 2 days later we have 5 tracks in the bag sounding…well…like no one else I’ve ever heard actually. Bloody great. Hope Trevor likes it….!!!

Spent today with Tom Visser working on my set for tomorrow at Underbelly. Gonna be interesting…!!!!!

Thanks for reading




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2 responses to “Co-Writes, False Accusations, London, Frankie Say No More

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    Midgets? Creepy. I don’t wanna know.

    Have a great time tonight! Knock ’em dead!

  2. Keri

    Funny…I heard that James Blunt has 5 in the bag too…LOL!

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