London, Loops, Beans and Buddies

Hi peeps

So we have a new government in UK. Well, kind of. We have the same bunch of idiots pretending to work for us. But I’m sure its not long till they become the mouthpiece of the people speaking the same language we don’t know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those that came to The Underbelly gig in London. Again, I was blown away with the effort some people make to see me play for just the 30minutes I am allocated. Germany, France and Spain represented superbly again.
My good buddy from New York Geva Alon was also playing. We used to play gigs in NYC together when I lived there. Great guy and great guitarist.
I tried something new this time. I realise I can not play the same set every time while people are making such a huge effort to see me. So Tom Visser (ex-Budapest drummer) and I sat in his bedroom working on new ways to get my message across. I personally loved the results. We had every single instrument we were playing going into a loop pedal. No room for error. Any mistake was looped and there is no “escape” button on this thing. No safety net. We loved it. I haven’t been that nervous for one of my own gigs for years.

For those not there, here was my set

Let’s Run
I Leave On Friday
So Close
2nd For The 1st Time
Is This The Best It Gets

Tom played drum machine, synth, percussion and even a tin of beans while helping out with the backing vocals. He really is the most amazing talent.

Underbelly - London

Nice chatting to some of you after as well. And thank you so much for the gifts for Viktor. I can assure you he loves loves loves them.

By the way, I won’t be playing at that venue again. That goes for the Water Rats too as I was lied to by them about the reason my gig was moved from Water Rats and I won’t work with liars so F*** them. I will try for another London gig somewhere else in the near future. I’ll keep you posted. I’m also really trying to get some gigs elsewhere now too. If anyone has any good venues with a contact number or email in UK or Europe, send them to me and I’ll try get out to you.

The American tour in summer is getting nicely filled up with gigs. New York, Chicago, and a few others. Keep watching the gig page. See you all my yankee friends in the summer.

I’m in Nottingham, now visiting my Mum. Taking a few much needed days off.

Thanks for reading folks and I really appreciate all your support.

Much love



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One response to “London, Loops, Beans and Buddies

  1. Jade

    Why thank you. I personally loved the results too (soundwise that is, as for the election not so much…)

    It’s always such a profoundly joyful experience to see you perform and your show at the Underbelly in London was no exception. Long way from Berlin but, as always, sooo worth it. Really, really loved your set and, hands down, you’re definitely outperforming a number of your more celebrated mainstream counterparts ( I can say that since I’ve been to a lot of concerts lately).

    Thanks for the info on how the sound was done, interesting read and amazing outcome.

    All the best for your upcoming American tour, John, sadly a bit out of the way for me. See you in Copenhagen in August then (although I’m not sure I can wait that long…). Some more gigs in the UK or even in Germany would be great, phenomenal demand on my part you know!!!

    Hope all is well with you and that you are having a nice rest.

    From Berlin with love
    Jade xxx

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