Blunty, Boobs, Bling & Beeps

Hey everyone

Been a while since the last post. I’ve been really busy and in too many places with crap internet to be able to update you all regularly.

I spent a week at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios London recording with Blunty which went exceptionally well. Really loving the new album a lot and very proud to be a part of it. Some big songs on there. Great to be working with the guys again too. Way too many beers with Benny & Karl though and the liver is once again well & truly in tour mode….ouch.

Went straight from London to Cannes, France to play a short acoustic set with Natalie Imbruglia. I have to admit, I really find Cannes not a nice place to be during the Film Festival. Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s lose their wow factor when they are all you see. And its probably a good job it wasn’t too hot or the masses of plastic boobs that were out on display would have caused a big mess were they to melt. I swear I saw the same woman every 5 seconds. They all look the same. As for the gig itself, well on paper it should have been amazing with guests such as Mischa Barton, Michelle Rodriguez, Ana Beatriz Barros, Ben Kingsley, but to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get the fook out of there. Too many plastic people who, once they realised I was not famous and in a position to further their lives, walked past me like I was ruining their image. Horrible place. Not me at all. I guess I’ll never be Bling like that. Sneaked away and met my old Brummy mate Matt Hoy who was singing in the hotel down the road and had a beer with him.

Back in Copenhagen now and working on my new songs called “No.1” and “Mezzanine”. They sound nothing like the old me which is odd but I kind of like it. Very electronic. I think the gig with Tom and the use of loop pedals & drum machines has set my mind off in a blip and a beep of electronic excitement. What will happen too them, I have no idea but I like them a lot. But also working on some beautiful new tunes with no drums and one with just my voice. So maybe it’s time for John Garrison to split up and start 2 new projects…who knows. There’s definitely some strange musical schizophrenia going on. Watch this space and get the white coats and straight jackets ready.

Off on a much needed holiday next week to Puimisson France. No plastic boobs there. Just saggy, normal, real ones and thats just me…!!

Thanks for reading and speak soon





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7 responses to “Blunty, Boobs, Bling & Beeps

  1. Natasha

    Ha! Love your take on the plastic world so many think is the real world. Now, having spoken to you at length, while in Toronto, those people have no idea what great conversation they would have had and what a real-real person they would have found you to be.
    So you have conditioned your liver! Big Ouch for real…take it easy!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear everything you have been working on both individually and with the band.
    Take care Sat Nav (lol).


    Sua dedicação não será um sacrifício. Será uma experiência divertida porque é um intenso esforço aplicado para um fim significativo.
    Nós torcedores acredito em você.
    Você é maravilhosa!


      Your dedication will not be a sacrifice. It will be a fun experience because it is an intense effort applied to a meaningful end.
      We fans believe in you.
      you are wonderful!

  3. Lina (Trinity)

    LMAO! Melting plastic boobs….hope they’re recyclable.
    It’s really nice to know that you’re keepin’ it real. Just the type of person I knew you were.
    Whatever it is YOU do, do it for you, John and no body else. I can really see you going a bit in the electronic direction. That particular sound is really taking off here in Toronto. Just think of the “Owl City/Lights” sound. Pretty different but very radio friendly.

    Just to add…Although, I could never be “bling” like that either, sometimes I think I’D like a little tip and tuck here and there. lol Err…straight jacket fits like a glove 😉

    • Napsi Beaumont

      Hey John,
      I really do appreciate your honesty, life is too short to follow something u’re Not believing in.
      You’ve always been a very private individual, keeping things to u’rself, so down to earth, easily approachable ( well, I still have to work on that 1 myself- U know me by now…) and that what makes you sooooooo very Special. Really looking 4ward seeing U in Coventry. Wishing U all the best with your “personality change” & hope it’ll reflect in u’r music +ly. I think that straight-jacket can wait………..
      Enjoy u’r well deserved hols without the plastic accessories. Lol: Napsi xx

  4. Aline (jbfan132)

    Thank you John, It’s always a great pleasure for me to read your blog updates, it’s so… natural and sincere! Exactly as you are and that’s the way we love you. Cannes seems to be a kind of fake world and the good thing is that you don’t need those plastic people at all.

    Nice to hear some inside information about Blunty’s next album. Can’t wait for it! Fans from all around the world are dying to see you guys. xx

  5. Hey John!

    A big thank for this newsletter.It’s really appreciated.I went to Cannes once during the festival and did not like this too.It’s too bling bling for me as well…Not the real world.

    I can’t wait to hear the new songs from you and James!Good courage until the summer holidays…I’m sure you’ll have some days off…especially with the world soccer cup!!!lol
    Go England,Portugal and France!!

    Hugs from Paris!

    Kitinia and kitinio

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