Early performance of Shadow live in London 2007



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3 responses to “Early performance of Shadow live in London 2007

  1. Lucy

    Looks like yesterday, uh?
    I’m glad to see things were great for you from that time to today, not everything but you can still make music, and better everytime!
    I must say it’s a great song, one of those which is not needed to understand every line but it causes an emotion on you.
    Thanks for sharing your videos 😉

  2. Jade

    Never heard this one performed live before, sounds great. And I’m not gonna lie – Lyrically, Shadow is my favourite song of yours. It’s like a poem and it gets me every time.

    Love your music as much as your live performance. There’s so much feeling, there’s sensitivity, there’s intelligence, there’s honesty and a lot of rawness. Don’t ever change.

    Thank you for digging this out and sharing. Thanks for the music and inspiration… and thanks for the smile at the end.

    • Jade

      Re: ‘Don’t ever change’
      Not saying I’m not dying to hear what your strikingly different (?) alter ego has to say musically out of sheer electronic excitement…

      NEW TOOOONES?!?!

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