No Talk About The World Cup

Hi folks

How are we all? Firstly, Let’s not talk about the World Cup OK?

I’ve had a very enjoyable and busy few weeks (apart from the World Cup but we don’t talk about that)
My buddy & producer Matt Shane was in Copenhagen with Flight Of The Concordes. Such a great show and we all went out around the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen after the show with Bret & Germain. Great guys and a great evening.

I had a really nice writing session with my buddy Mads Langer in Copenhagen. He is an amazing talent and big things are just around the corner for him. I mean even bigger things. He is already big in Denmark but he is about to be big everywhere. A beautiful track was created and will hopefully be finished soon. Check him out if you can. He is amazing. Check him out here. I also played bass and backing vocals on one of his new songs. Produced by Justin Hawkins no less.We then went out with Paulo Nuntini who was playing in town. His guitarist Donny, is my mate. Mads was opening for him. Another night around Vesterbro. Awesome evening. Ended up in the very dodgy and smokey McKluud’s bar. Always dodgy fun.

I then flew to England (let’s not talk about the world cup ok?) and opened for Newton Faulkner in Leamington Spa at the Assembly. A sold out show. It was an amazing night and probably one of my most enjoyable gigs ever. I loved every second of it and the crowd, although there to see Newton, were fantastic. Pete accompanied me on cello and played superbly as ever. He also seems to have started his own fanclub. “Cello man cello man give us a smile” was a common chant for the evening. I met lots of great people and sold many CD’s so if you are one of the new enlistees to the mailing list reading this, hello and thanks for a great night. Let’s do it again soon. For those not there, here was my set

Let’s Run
I Leave On Friday
Is This The Best It Gets
So Close
Cold Coffee
2nd For The 1st Time

There are videos from the night on my YouTube channel

The camera was right at the back of the room so it looks a little blurred but the sound is straight from the mixing desk. Big thanks to Chris for making it sound so great on the night. He totally understands my voice.

Earlier this week I played a rather strange gig with James Blunt in an airplane at 42.000 ft. We were attempting a world record for the highest gig ever and we achieved this. I am a world record holder. I am officially the highest guitar player in the world although I think Keith Richards and a few others may argue otherwise. I am quite a few inches taller than Blunty so even if the record books say it was his record, I was in fact 42,000 ft and about 5 inches. Just for the record…!!!

I’m off back to Copenhagen this week to continue on my new songs. Getting very itchy feet and need to record new music all the time. The electronic stuff seems to have given way to just piano and vocal songs. “Lonely Souls of New York” and “Empty Space” to name but 2.
Think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and hope to see you all again soon

By The way, the gig I played at The Living Room in New York back in March will be broadcast on Sirius radio on the following dates

Sun 7/4 at 7pm EST
Tue 7/6 at 12 (Noon) EST
Sun 7/11 at 7pm EST
Tue 7/13 at 12 (Noon) EST
“From The Living Room To The Loft” is on Sirius channel 29 & XM channel 50

Bye for now

Lots of love


(Bloody useless England so crap at football lazy over paid waste of space losers….etc etc etc)
wish I hadn’t bothered with this now



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2 responses to “No Talk About The World Cup

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    Fifa? I won’t speak a word of it…BUT (haha)…if I had to I’d say, win or lose, they’ve done nothing for you or your wallet so let’s move on, shall we?

    There’s a 24 second clip of James’ Heart of Gold on youtube and you were right. Really good stuff. Can’t wait to hear the rest.
    Congrats to the both of you on your world breaking record. That’s something awesome to tell Viktor when he grows up, huh?

  2. Stoxi

    Found the YT clip …

    I’m sorry, you’ll have to put your guitar in the overhead locker sir…

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