Summer U.S. tour diary starts here. Rant No. 1

Hi Folks

Well I know a lot of you read my last tour blog (I have ways of counting you and knowing where you are…mwaaa ha ha ha ha) so I thought I’d do it again.

So lets start

Got to Copenhagen airport where the immigration people decided to make an example of us and security checked Pernille. The usual 1000 questions followed. You know the ones. “Have you ever been a terrorist?” ” Have you any intention of becoming a terrorist?” “Do you have an Uzi 9mm in your luggage?” “Do you have a sun tan from the recent nice weather here in Denmark or is it from a training camp in Pakistan?”
All this while Pernille is carrying a hot and tired 5 month old Viktor.

We eventually pass the check and we get to the counter of Delta Airways. The following takes place over the next hour and a half.

“Hi…. here our our passports and here is my confirmation number”. Lady at counter “Do you have your paper ticket for the baby?”. “errr….. no of course not. I booked online and got my confirmation online and nowhere in my email does it mention I will receive a paper ticket” is my reply. “Sorry sir, but we sent you a paper ticket for the baby. Not for you or your partner but just for the baby. It’s Delta Airlines policy”. ” I didn’t get it” is my reply. “Then you will have to pay for another ticket for the baby”. “No… here is my confirmation and my credit card information” I show email on my Blackberry. “Yes sir… Our records say you payed the full amount but we sent you a paper ticket and we can’t print another one for security reasons”. “BUT IT NEVER ARRIVED…. and nowhere on this email does it mention a paper ticket”. ” Sorry sir… we can not let you on the plane without the baby’s paper ticket”….”But I don’t have a paper ticket and I never have had one”… “well I’m afraid you will have to buy another ticket for the baby”…”But I have already paid for him and you have already said your records show I have paid and I never received a ticket and nowhere does it say I am going to receive one”… “But it’s Delta airways policy to….” …..I interupt…”YES SO YOU KEEP SAYING… but nowhere on this confirmation email does it mention that” The lady takes my Blackberry and scrolls through the email. “Oh…. yes you are right……how strange …….(smiles and hands me the Blackberry back)….. I’m sorry sir, we can not let you on the flight without the paper ticket for the baby”…….

With the gate closing, I have to pay $110 for another ticket for Viktor. ……….Fucking BASTARDS. NEVER fly Delta folks….!!!!

So we arrive in New York very angry and tired expecting another grilling from immigration but in fact, the guy is lovely and no line at all. Definitely a 1st for JFK. Go straight to our lovely friends Viola and Alex’s apartment in Tribeca. Lovely summer evening in Manhattan. Eating alfresco at 10pm. Meet my buddy Matt Shane in Lower East Side. It’s good to be back.

I’m writing this having just got back from watching the sun rise in Lower Manhattan. Try explaining to a 5 month old that its not actually 11am and Copenhagen….!!!! Oh the joys of parenthood. Having said that, it doesn’t get much better than sunrise over Manhattan with my son in my arms.

Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon.

Much love




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4 responses to “Summer U.S. tour diary starts here. Rant No. 1

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    Awww….Baby Viktors days and nights are all mixed up.
    A baby in Manhattan on Copenhagen time. Now there’s a nightmare.
    Yes…watching the sunrise is one option. You can also keep watching and rewinding the movie “Dumb and Dumber” in VHS until the tape starts fraying and the voices are inaudible. Or, drive an hour with the baby strapped in the car seat at 3am until he falls asleep only to hear him wail as you carefully put him down in his crib.
    Ah, yes…the joys.

    PS: Delta can suck the big ones.

  2. Jade

    Thanks so much, John! I truly love your blog posts and your great way with words. If it wasn’t for the music…

    Can’t believe what’s happened to you, Pernille and Master Viktor on your trip to NYC. $110 extra cash for a lousy ‘paper ticket’ for the baby!?… BRILLIANT… That’s quite a few “Departures” CD’s to sell to cover costs.

    No trouble with the Taylor this time?? Or did HE get to travel free, disguised as a baby’s buggy??

    Anyway, glad to hear that the Manhattan sunrise made up for all the crap you had to go through. I love your description of Daddy and son walking around NYC early in the morning, and I wouldn’t mind you writing a song about that special moment.

    Since I can’t be at any of your stateside shows, I’m really looking forward to your Tour updates, even though I’m not sure I’m able to access the worldwideweb to keep track of your adventures while on holidays (Good thing about that: none of my long and winding posts for quite some time. You’ll love it, honey. 😉 )

    All the very best – Thank you for blogging and, above all, thank you for the music!

    Much love

    aka 88.73. and so on (I know you know… mwaaa ha ha ha ha)…”and this old world is a new world and a bold world…for me… tra la la…

  3. Keri

    What a load of bull sh*t!!! There is always something that happens when you try to be organized and plan ahead…argh!!!

    BTW – count me as 1 from Oklahoma…LOL! 😉

  4. Nate

    Hey John!

    It’s about time you’re coming to Chicago! I’ve been waiting for you since 2005. I won’t miss it for the world!

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