Tour Diary Day 2 & 3

Hi folks

Finally found some internet available from somewhere. It’s amazingly hard to find when moving across America. So thank you for the free WiFi “DancinDave” whoever you may be.

So New York was great. The gig at Rockwood was cool. The new room there is wonderful. Not a huge turn out this time but enough to make it good. I tried out a couple of the new songs I am working on and although rusty, they sounded like they have potential. For those not there, here was my set

I Leave On Friday
So Close
Cold Coffee
New Song (no title)
Walking On Broadway
Lonely Souls Of New York
2nd For The 1st Time

Very nice night and thanks to those that came. I know some of you guys came a long way so thank you very much. And also for the presents for Viktor.

Caught up with a few friends afterwards before heading off for Cleveland.

So due to this being a family tour, I allowed 2 days to get there. At 2am this morning I could fight the closing eyes no more so pulled in to a good ol fashion American Motel. Only to be told it was full…!!! No problem I thought. Drove another 10 miles with my head nodding like dog. The next delightful place (complete with complimentary window bars) was also full. I then get advised there is nowhere within a 35 mile radius. Nightmare. I have no idea where I am and all the places seem to only exist due to a petrol station and a motel. Viktor starts to moan and cry as he’s been in his car seat for hours. I’m exhausted after driving 300 miles and have a further 200 miles to drive and a concert tomorrow. I decide to ask the lady if she can phone a few places and reserve. So after her being amazed that I am from England and then her telling me her favourite film ever was Robin Hood and that Kevin Costner’s English accent was “amazing wasn’t it?”, She finds a place half an hour away. They only have a jacuzzi room left..!!! Despite a head full of questions as to what on earth a jacuzzi room was and should I really be taking a 5 month old baby to such a place, I decide to book it. Noted the junction number, bought some coffee, told the lady Kevin Costner’s was actually the worst attempt at an English accent in the history of cinema, and headed off.
My head drifting in and out. Eyes blurred. My mind is miles away thinking about the new songs and what set to do tomorrow. By the time I figure it all out, I have missed my turning. Next junction 23miles says the sign…!!!!

I hang on to the last drop of caffeine in my body and eventually find a motel in the middle of Nowhereville with a room and get some sleep.

Woken by huge trucks manoeuvring at 8am, I set off to Cleveland.

Thanks for reading





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3 responses to “Tour Diary Day 2 & 3

  1. Jeff Topping

    “Its a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n roll.”

  2. Keri

    OMG – that is the funniest blog yet! Kevin Costner???? Seriously???? That’s all she could think about. Too stinking funny!

    You gotta love our interstate road system complete with amazing truck stops and dive motels!!! That’s what makes a road trip across the US so fun! 😉

  3. Lina (Trinity)

    Just think…one day you’ll look back at all of this and laugh.
    Or…kill yourself.

    It could be worse. You could be living my life. Ahahaa!

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