Tour Diary – Day 4 & 5

Beautiful scenery as we leave the dodgy Motel in the blazing sunshine. Still no idea where we are. Fill the car, grab a huge American size coffee and head west to Cleveland. Slowly the amazing scenery starts to flatten out and it becomes quite dull driving but thats ok. Quick stop at another middle of nowhere service station for the worlds cheapest breakfast. Nice lady from Nottingham England of all places serves us and chats for ages. What is it with the English accent over here? People just want to talk for hours.

Finally hit Cleveland. Find the venue, steal some internet and book a hotel online. Sleep.

Few hours later, I meet my buddy Matt Lee who played the violins on both Departures and Above The Cosmos. He has just moved to Cleveland so is joining me onstage tonight. We run through the tunes in my hotel and thanks to some serious homework by Matt, we have a set for tonights show. Matt and I have a habit of meeting up in various places all over the world.

I originally met him in New York. I next met him in Ashville while on the Blunty tour. Then Nashville. Then Copenhagen and now Cleveland. We usually end up horribly drunk thanks to his liking for jega bombs.

We get to the venue Wilbert’s. Nice typical American place. I like it. Good vibe. Chat to the other acts who are playing. They all have these amazing pre-prepared merchandise tables that fold out with everything already attached and priced and laminated email lists etc…!!!. This is a very bad area of mine. Never been very good at that stuff. I’ve always just focused on the music and let other people deal with that but I guess in todays market you need to have a hand in everything. I quickly grabbed a table and scribbled out the cost of my albums and put out the email list. Looks crap but its something. Mike the club owner, feeds Pernille, Me and Matt and Pernille feeds Viktor. Matt and I go on.

Here was our set

I Leave On Friday
Let’s Run
So Close
Cold Coffee
Born To Run

The crowd were great and I even managed to sell enough CD’s to pay for the hotel. I think they call that “Successful Touring”. Matt played a great show and we sank a few beers after. But No jega bombs for me. For once, I go home after a night with Matt and I remember leaving the venue. The same can’t be said of everyone else at Wilbert’s though. Our cue to leave was when the girl sat on the table next to us fell asleep with her head in her hands and puke flowing down her arms….!!! and she was fairly typical of the people in the club. Time to go. Thanks Matt. I wonder where and when I’ll see you next…??

Next morning my family and I head to Fort Wayne. Very boring drive. 200 miles of nothing. I arrive at the venue to see a sign saying “Closed”. I inform my manager who calls the owner. I get a call back. The venue has gone into administration. The owner then arrives full of apologies. He pays me which is a nice surprise and a nice gesture but I would much rather be playing. Really sorry to those that were planning on coming. I know there was quite a few of you for this and I just hope you saw the web post in time.

Without sounding rude, there is not a lot to do in Fort Wayne so we decide to push on to Chicago.

Thanks for reading

lots of love




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2 responses to “Tour Diary – Day 4 & 5

  1. Keri

    Love the pics! Enjoy Chicago! I’m so very very heartbroken I’m not there! On my home turf and I’m going to miss it!

    I’ll be recording WGN though 🙂

  2. Keri

    One more thing…the English accent…most of us have been brought up think that people with English accents are either A) Sexy Hot Top Secret Agents (aka James Bond) B) Very well educated college professors from prestigious universities or C) Wizzard with glasses and a scars on your foreheads with special powers…so Hollywood has made the English accent something that we either think is smart, sexy or magical.

    You should take it as a complement! 🙂

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