Tour Diary – Day 6 & 7

Hi folks

We arrived late Tuesday into a hot and sticky Chicago night and pull into the 1st Motel we find. Ohio Motel. It’s a bit damp, it’s a bit smelly but its a bed. I really like Chicago. It has a very different feel than any other American city. Very genuine place and effortlessly cool. The whole city looks like a film set. In fact, large chunks of it actually are at the moment. They are filming the new Transformers movie here so there are truck loads of pre-wrecked cars being driven around and put into place on set. My family and I spent the next day off just walking around the city and taking it all in. Meet up with my manager Justin and his lovely wife Lisa who live here. Grab food, go up the Hancock tower..all that kinda stuff. Very nice.

view from Hancock Tower

Thursday, get picked up by Justin and we head to WGN 9 TV studios. I am performing on the midday news. A very quick soundcheck and I get to play 2 minutes of So Close. Very nice and a great spot to have. Here it is if you want to watch

Straight from there we head to Fearless Radio. Great interview and my usual rant at the state of the music industry today. I think it will be online soon. I also played “So Close” and “I Leave On Friday” live as well as attacking the dinosaurs that run the big major labels. The sooner the old Champagne and cigar generation die off, the better for all of us.

Straight from there to Uncommon Ground in the Wrigleyville district of Chicago for the gig. Great area. I really like it. Makes me want to drink countless beers and bar hop like I was 21 again. The venue is very small but very cool and I instantly know its going to be a good show. There are some familiar face and even some from The Cleveland show who have come to see me again. BIG thank you to you. I go on. Here was my set

I Leave On Friday
So Close
Cold Coffee
Let’s Run
New Song (no title still)

At this point I talk about my old band Budapest days and there is a little cheer from 2 sides of the room. I play “Is This The Best It Gets” and I have perfect 2 part harmonies from the crowd. Wonderful moment. It means so much to me that an album I made 9 years ago still means so much to people. Just for them, I then play
Save The Day, then
2nd For The 1st Time.

Great show and very enjoyable. The only problem was a woman seemingly totally oblivious to the quiet surrounding and on what looked like a 1st date. Not just talking through the songs but shouting as if the guy opposite was on the next table. Thank you to Cynthia from Cleveland for making her eventually shut up and leave in a huff. Hopefully it ruined here 1st date and gave the guy a chance to see her true colours and escape. Imagine waking to that everyday…!!!

Finally get to chat to Nate after 6 years of just email chat. Thanks for the continued support mate. And also to Justin, a DJ who has been supporting and playing my music here in Chicago since 2004. Thank you so much guys and it was great to finally meet you both.

I say my goodbyes, have a quick beer with my manager Justin and his wife Lisa and get a cab back to the hotel.

Next stop Danville

Thanks for reading

much love




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2 responses to “Tour Diary – Day 6 & 7

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    Some people can be so F’n rude. My applause to Cynthia!
    Bro, I’d rethink the whole bar hopping idea if I were you. Babies and hangovers do not mesh well. lol

  2. Cynthia

    You are so welcome, and I only regret I didn’t do it sooner. Talk about oblivious!

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