Tour Diary – Day 8 – 9

We check out our hotel in Chicago, get our hire car (internet quote $100 – actual price $200 after charges and made up taxes) and head to Danville in Indiana. Nice leisurely drive until I get an email reminding me it’s 1 hour ahead in Indiana and I have to be there not in an hour and 10 minutes but 10 minutes. Get to The Royal Theater a bit late. Beautiful little theater like something from an old film. Quick interview with a guy called Jason from a local radio station. The town is very small and very quiet. Meet my buddy Ben Handel who played on Departures and used to be my drummer in New York and his girlfriend Megan. We hang out in a cafe that only makes food from the funfair..!! Candy floss and Elephant Ears sat around table and with no fair in sight is weird. The 2 kind of go together really in my opinion. I assume it was started when some kid said “I wish I could eat this food all year round”. Well in Danville you can folks…!!!!

Fair Food Cafe

It gets nearer stage time and the place is not exactly heaving. I guess no one here really knows me and everyone is away on holidays or something but I end up playing to not that many people. But, as always, enough to make it a good night. It’s a long one tonight. Here was my set as far as I can remember.

I Leave On Friday
So Close
Cold Coffee
Let’s Run
Alexander & Annabel
Walking On Broadway
Save The Day
New Song (Possibly called “As You Left”)
Is This The Best It Gets
The Power Of Love
American Life In The Summertime
Bugs To The light
Born To Run
2nd For The 1st Time


Really enjoyed the gig and chatted to the locals afterwards. Sell a few CD’s and I promise to come back and play the Theatre again one day and fill it out. Head into Indianapolis with Ben and Megan for late dinner but it’s not only too late for most places, there is a comic book convention in town. Nerds everywhere. And I mean oober nerds. As Ben very aptly put it “even nerds call these guys nerds”. The character from The Simpsons “Comic Book Guy” is absolutely spot on. There are hundreds of him here. So funny. We end up in Steak & Shake as thats all thats open. We sit inbetween 2 tables of nerds and eat crap. Great stuff.

Grab a motel just outside Indi and then head to Valparaiso. The gig is at Tall Tree Arboretum on the outskirts. Beautiful place. The stage overlooks a big lake and fireflies flickering everywhere. The crowd arrive and sit on blankets and fold out chairs on the grass. Very pleasant indeed. The set is even longer tonight. Same as yesterday but with the added covers “High & Dry” by Radiohead and “I wouldn’t Believe Your Radio” by Stereophonics”. Very nice gig and good listening crowd. Only problem is the mosquitos. One flies directly into my mouth mid song and they land on my face throughout which is hard to deal with while playing guitar. Luckily it would appear I don’t taste too good and avoid any bites. The same however can not be said for pour Justin my manager who must be like a pizza to an Italian for mosquitos and is covered in red marks. Anyway, a good show and lovely people. We say our goodbyes and head back to Chicago. It’s buzzing what with Lollapalooza just started. Check into my new hotel, grab some late night food and hit the sack.

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  1. Lina (Trinity)

    Poor Justin. haha
    Damn mosquitos. There’s no accounting for taste.
    And on that note…
    Bugs to the light??! *sigh*…I would really love to hear you play that. My fav. :)_

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