U.S.Tour Diary Final Day

Hi everyone

I’m writing this on the plane from Chicago to Copenhagen, while over the Atlantic, almost exactly in between Greenland and Iceland, unable to sleep.


Sunday I had a late notice show at Lollapalooza Lounge in Chicago. (nice work Justin manager). A very nice 25 minute slot at The Hard Rock Hotel which is the hub & HQ of the main festival. It’s wonderful to be a part of this great event, even if it is on the fringes. Never the less, it’s officially part of the festival. I turn up at the hotel to find a little stage & loads of industry folk & bands who are playing at the main festival site, all sat around having breakfast. Rock n roll breakfast that is. It’s 1pm & about 75% are washing down eggs & bacon with Jack Daniels. I set up and I play. Here is my short set

I Leave On Friday
So Close
Is This The Best It gets
Let’s Run

Lollapalooza Lounge

A really great reception with all the industry people & artists listening and getting into it. That’s what I love about America. I don’t mean to offend or sound bitter but I know had I done the same thing at a UK festival, I have a feeling there would be very few people listening and even if they did secretly like it, they would not be showing it. Unless I was in NME as the next hot band or something. Not the case in America. If people dig your music, they are not afraid to show it. I instantly get approached by several people who ask for CD’s. A couple of people ask if they can do interviews so I go backstage and do them. Very good day at the office and it’s all over by 2pm and……

That’s it folk’s. My U.S tour is over. It’s been a lot of fun & on the whole a great success. Sold loads of CDs. Played on national TV. Had the chance to play in front of lots of people, some of whom I’ve been waiting 6 years to play to. Got to spend a bit of time & introduce my son to my favourite city in the world New York. Got to know Chicago & become friends with it. Caught up with some old friends. Made some new ones.

So I pack up all my things and say all my goodbyes and close the door in Chicago. Get to OHare airport and to the Delta check in & it all comes flooding back.

Having arrived 4 hours early to avoid the nightmare I had coming out, & after attempting 1st to check in online unsuccessfully, I try checking in at an automatic remote Delta station. After spending 20 minutes inputting all my, Viktor and Pernille’s passport & personal details, a piece of paper comes out where the boarding pass usually does, saying that I can’t check-in at the console & go “see a representative”. So I do.

“Hello, it would appear there is a problem with my booking” I say and hand over the piece of paper. “Ah yes” tap tap tap on the computer with a sickly false grin. “The seats you asked for at the bulk head with the baby seat are no longer available. We have seats 65 a & b available for you at the back of the plane”. “But I don’t want those. I specifically booked the seats at the bulkhead with the baby seat. I have a 6 month old baby” I reply. “Yes I can see that on the screen. But those seats have been given to another family with an infant sir” is the rather baffling response. “But why would you do that?” I ask with a gritted teeth smile. “It would appear you specifically requested a paper ticket for the baby on the outbound flight and as such, your e-ticket is no longer valid”……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEVER FLY DELTA people. They are the worst airline in history. (see day 1 of tour diary if this makes no sense))

Thank you for reading folks. I’ll see you all out there again some day. Thank you for all your wonderful messages of support and thank you to all those that came out to see me play. Much much love and please keep watching & supporting this space.


photo - Sara Daniels


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One response to “U.S.Tour Diary Final Day

  1. Lina (Trinity)

    What an adventure huh?
    Wish you could do the whole thing all over again? Erm…all except the “Delta Disaster” that is…haha

    Hope our paths cross very soon. 🙂

    Many hugs!

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