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8 responses to “DJ PNut

  1. shanthi

    John – so cute!… and Viktor is lovely too 🙂

    you have a back-up DJ Pnut tard!

    p.s. when’s YOUR webchat ?

  2. wissmily

    Really cute! David Guetta should get worried by Vicktor… ;o)
    seeing you very soon – hope it will be monday in Paris!

  3. Jade

    That’s what I would call a blip and a beep of electronic excitement. 🙂
    Viktor surely gives you a run for your money and from what I have seen he’s even got his own bodygard and chauffeur already!! Cool!


    ohhh John!! so cute!

  5. Lina (Trinity)

    Ahaha…You’ve got competition!

  6. Napsi Beaumont

    Boys and their toys, huh?
    Obviously, making music is in Viktor’s genes.

  7. jbfan132

    You’d better watch your toys John, Viktor is coming. 🙂

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