Hi everyone

Thanks to all those who came to the Coventry gig last Saturday. Amazing turn out again and a lot of familiar faces. Standing room only left at the back . A great night and very enjoyable for me. As well as my new song “After You Left”, i tried a brand new song out which has no name yet. I even finished off the lyrics on the train from London to Coventry. Its a work in progress and a different sound for me but I like it. For those not there here was my set

So Close
Cold Coffee
Let’s Run
After You Left
Is This The Best It Gets
Power Of Love
New One (Possible title “Call My Name” thanks to a crowd suggestion)
Save The Day (due to public demand by one person)
2nd For The 1st Time

A very dodgy night followed ending up in a horrible strip club in Coventry. But thats another story (thanks Smurf)

I will be playing again at Cox’s Yard Stratford Upon Avon on Monday 25th Oct. Opening for the excellent Atlum Shema. This will be my last gig for some time as the Blunt schedule moves into overdrive from November onwards. It would be great to see you one last time.

I am planning on starting my next musical project in December hopefully. Choirs, Strings, Churches, old synths. Can’t wait.

Hope you are all well and thanks for reading

lots of love




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2 responses to “Thanks

  1. Napsi Beaumont

    Can’t wait to see the new You! I just loved your “New One”- and if this song’s anything to go by, your next album’ll be phenomenal too!!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us John . See you @ Cox’s Yard on Monday.

    Ps: Thanks for letting us follow your musical career via u’r diaries . It’s really appreciated John! Hope you’ll get a little bit of “me” time to work on your own babies too, between cities. Best of luck on the tour and hope to see you back on home turf at your own gigs pretty soon! Napsi xxxx

  2. Lina (Trinity)

    You’re welcome!

    Did you see me? I was standing in the back.

    Haha…You should know me by now. 😉

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