Multi-Tasking in Denver



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6 responses to “Multi-Tasking in Denver

  1. Lucy

    My favourite from the new Blunty album.
    Such a nice venue to play 😀
    Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Lina

    Looks like a classy place, which makes me wanna ask… What are you guys doing there? Haha!

  3. Jade

    LOVE IT, especially the chorus as your voices go so very well together.

    From what I’ve seen and heard, you’re doing an amazing job as a ‘one man band’, playing a drum, a tambourine, singing and playing the guitar. Doesn’t get any better… no wait, apparently the “he will attempt to take his clothes off through the song”-bit could use some improvement. 😉

    Any idea as to when this crazy Blunty-promo-marathon will come to a close?? Feels like nearly 200 years!
    Anyway, wishing you lots of fun in LALALand tonight…

    • Napsi Beaumont

      Hey Jadie,
      I couldn’t agree more with u’r comments, especially line 3-4 – 2nd paragraph, ….ha-ha…………………….

  4. Napsi Beaumont

    Hey John,
    I’ve just spotted your crystal clear voice besides Blunty’s here. Needless to say it’s an- Absolute Delight! Now I know why I’ve bonded with this song in the 1 st place. Have lots of fun with Blunty and his precious boys on this tour and please try to allocate some time to develop your new baby songs 2 who are by now, very desparate to make an appearance too, I’m sure! I just can’t wait to have a tiny little taster….be4 the Total Garrison Blues sets in, again.( THE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS ARE ALREADY SHOWING, HA-HA……..) Hope Pernille and Baby Viktor’s are both well and your Garrieboardies are pretty much looking forward to see Viktor’s 1st Birthday pictures, any any footage you can throw at us. Where has this year gone? Happy 1st Birthday to Viktor and his very proud parents! Lol: Napsi , Henry, Annabelle, Isabelle xxxx


    James Blunt, the man whose soft and delicate voice has become widely known, delights every audience with his memorable concerts, playing many of his famous songs, which seem to be more like a love statement. Never, ever, will we fans, around the world, give you up.

    Brazilian fans loves the John

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