Blunty Duet…!!!



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5 responses to “Blunty Duet…!!!

  1. ginny

    Hi John, This is excellent! So nice to see you out front! I’m excited to see the shows in Boston and New York next month! How are those new songs coming? Are there any possibilities of upcoming solo dates in between your day job with JB? Happy Spring to you John!

  2. jbfan132

    Thanks Loraline for this very nice video. Love it! John, you look great in this dark suit. Good to see each musician playing this beautiful song with James. xx

  3. Lina

    Beautifully done Johnny!

  4. saragru

    🙂 my favorit band in the world! you are fantastic!

  5. Napsi Beaumont

    Jep, Johnny’s professional photographer she is, a real Gem…. Thanx Loraline for posting this vid of John and James’ duo.

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