Train Carriage Dressing Room – Switzerland



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5 responses to “Train Carriage Dressing Room – Switzerland

  1. Lina

    What an amazing shot! Love the colour. Looks almost antique. Doesn’t it? Sweet!

  2. Great photo, thanks for your music… Hope to see you soon in your own tour… I was very pleased to see and speak to you at London, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Amneville, Paris , and last Rennes… See you soon at Quimper… I’m waiting for your 3rd album !!! See you soon.


    What a great photo, can’t wait seeing all the band in July at Quimper.

  4. karla

    Beautiful picture!!!..Handsome guys 🙂 Want to see you again..Just waiting to come to Madrid, Spain…Besos Guapoooss 🙂

  5. Sand

    Red wine??!Nice picture by the way…!

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