Singer Songwriter George Bush



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3 responses to “Singer Songwriter George Bush

  1. Lina

    Ahaha! You clown… Or should I say neatly trimmed hedge.

  2. Laurence Linou

    Funny picture, I appreciate… nice guitar ! and nice hidden guy !

  3. Jade

    Very funny!! You’re crazy – Seems all that heavy touring has taken its toll on you! 😉

    Singer songwriter George Bush? To me it looks more like an eco-friendly version of Spongebob Squarepants – But then again, where’s the difference anyway, I bet neither of them can sing.

    Not knowing much about your skills as a leader or whether you’d make a good cartoon character, but from my daily shuffle through your awesome music I know for sure that YOU CAN SING and that you are a phenomenal songwriter – actually the one I love the most of all.

    See you in Dresden/Saxony in July. No way to hide behind bush(es) then.. 🙂

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