More Tour Pics

San Francisco

The Desert

More Desert

Making my new record in Hotel Rooms



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5 responses to “More Tour Pics

  1. Laurence Linou

    Thanks for recording your new songs and to be so in a hurry that you don’t take care about housekeeping ! LOL ! Hope we can listen this very soon.

  2. Without mic stand!!! I will hear your hand (jajaj). Which mic you use?


    dear John
    I wait with impatience your new songs
    I am sur I will have a big pleasure to hear them
    they surely will be so good
    thanks John

  4. Trinity (Lina)

    Tsk tsk. There can’t be good acoustics in a hotel room Johnny….

  5. Jade

    Wow, your photos are always really, really great – The first one looks almost like a Turner painting, amazing.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Good to see you’re working on your new songs whenever & wherever you can. Hope they’re coming along nicely. Great things are in the making, I’m sure…

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