Tour pics May 18

Tee Off in Sydney

This is what we do during “Goodbye My Lover”

Percs of the job

I lost my mouth in Sydney soundcheck



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3 responses to “Tour pics May 18

  1. Laurence Linou

    Hi, what can we say about you : surprised, serious, angry ???and finally happy when play golf !!! lol

  2. Jade

    looks like you guys are having a ball in Australia.
    Love that “Tee Off” pic – what a breathtaking sight. Nice course, nothing for beginners I suppose. Third pic is also great, you should make this your Avatar on You still have none, that’s a shame!! 😉
    Hope your mouth is ‘back’ by now… it’s kind of essential for a singer you know plus I’d really miss your sweet smile. 😀
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely photographs, ‘snap shots of a certain time’ – It’s greatly appreciated.

  3. Trinity (Lina)

    So, THAT’S where you guys go when Blunty’s singing his heart out during Goodbye my lover!
    The least you could do is bring him back a cold one. Sheesh.


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