More Recording (and a Haircut)



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4 responses to “More Recording (and a Haircut)

  1. Trinity (Lina)

    Looking suave there bud! haha
    Hope the recording is going smoothly.

  2. Jade

    LOOKING good… and I bet it’s SOUNDING good too!!
    Seeing you in the studio gets me all excited again and I really cannot wait to hear the finished product.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    Jade xx
    PS: Who’s the guy in the foreground? Let me think… Isn’t that Leonardo DiCaprio’s (equally good looking) brother?? 😉

    • cassiopeia

      Exactly. It just popped into my head while watching Gangs of New York…Hey! But, that actor reminds me of someone …:-D


    I find you looking good too
    I hope to hear your new songs very soon
    thanks to give us always a so good music

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