Recording in London




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5 responses to “Recording in London

  1. Laurence Linou

    YESSSSSSSSSS, so not many time to wait for the new cd ??!!

  2. jbfan132

    I would change your title for “Very happy guy recording in London”… yes, that sounds good to me. Enjoy it John! 😉 xx

  3. Lina

    That’s the face you make when you’re trying to hide something naughty…isn’t it John! ahahaa

  4. saragru

    Seems to me that you are enjoying these moments, well done John!
    I’m looking forward to listen your new songs. X

  5. I seriously doubt that you will ever find this… anyway…

    Hi John,
    change we must as surely time does – changes call the course…

    Through all the distance and the silence I’d just wanted to let you know that Satellites 01 is still orbiting around me day and night. To listen to your masterpiece is such a breathtaking journey, an experience that can’t be explained, it can only be felt.

    Never ever had I thought it possible to produce an equally amazing sound in a live performance. Then I watched all the footage from the ICA gig. Should have known you’d bring this mighty ship into the shore… It’s been extraordinarily good! Galactic, WOW-some and really really beautiful.

    Sooo sad I couldn’t make it to London last week, all the more so as there doesn’t seem to be another chance for a concert anytime soon.
    Fortunately, I’ve got your record and fortunately I bought two copies… one to listen to, and one to look at!!

    “FATHER, LOVER, PROVIDER, SELF” – Hope all is well in your world.

    Did I ever thank you for the music?
    Love always,
    Jade x

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