Studio Pics London



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3 responses to “Studio Pics London

  1. Lina

    Looks like you’re having way too much fun there John. I’ll have to take away your bass drum if this continues.

  2. Jade

    Aww, you never cease to amaze me, John. GREAT pictures, and what a nice T-Shirt. You’ve just won a place in my heart forever (as if you hadn’t already…) :D.

    Going by the second pic, it looks like you guys are having an incredible amount of fun shaping your new babies. Happiness is simple – Just do what you love. Oh, and even Google seems to know you’re recording right now as they’ve set their logo accordingly. 😉
    Okay, obligatory record-anticipation-frenzy in progress. I could’ve sworn I was telling you the truth when I said I was waiting patiently.

  3. Napsi Beaumont

    Seeing Johnny’s t-shirt and the 1st thing/person was popping in my head was U Jadie! I’ve found it incredibly funny.
    Now the way I see it Johnny’s just living up to his “New” haircut. U have to put some emmotional tone to the songs so they end up being so heartfelt. Well, it was very liberating to see good “old” Tom and Mr Garrison having a whale of a time in the studio. Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration………….wishing you Johnny a very Creative time in London. I’m sure that all your Garriboardies are ready for a “Tester Session” and u better scedule it to the VERY NEAR FUTURE. Just can’t wait to indulge ourselves with your New Babies! N x

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