Studio Pics (by Tom The Lion)



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5 responses to “Studio Pics (by Tom The Lion)

  1. Laurence Linou

    What beautiful pictures in black and white!!!!!!…. we can’t wait now for listening to the songs recorded… they will amazing I’m sure !

  2. Napsi Beaumont

    Thanx a lot Johnny for your update, it’s really appreciated as always! Looks like you’re having lots of fun creating your 3rd solo album with Tom. Will you involve any1 else making u’r new masterpiece – like on Departures i.e Beardy, Karl, DJ VIKTOR, ect……? Seeing you on the drums is always a delight but my fav pics out of the these 4 have 2 be No 3 as I can see all that devotion which gets transferred onto the new album of yours. Has it got a Name yet or would that’d telling? Lol: Napsi x

  3. jeff

    very cool john.

  4. Jade

    Phenomenal shots, there’s an amazing intensity to them. Plus you’re looking irresistibly handsome – more than ever.
    No wonder really, that there were the most hits in the history of your Blog!!

    PS: How is Copenhagen these days???

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