Tour Pics July 6

Nijmegen Holland

View from Hotel Izmir

Weird Stuff in Lindau Germany

Graffiti in Graz Austria



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4 responses to “Tour Pics July 6

  1. Laurence Linou

    Theses words are so true… and it’s written “reciting old proverbs makes you sound like a twat” never mind I take the risk cause I really enjoy these words… what do you think about them ???
    ” A careless word may kindle strife
    A cruel word may wreck a life
    A bitter word may hate instill
    A brutal word may smite and kill
    A gracious word may light a day
    A timely word my lessen stress
    A loving word may heal and bless”
    and I also enjoy the words you sing too !!! thanks

  2. Laurence Linou

    YIPHEEEEEE…. day – 13 before I see you again (Quimper). Ready again for the bag from Brittany ???? LOL

  3. Lina

    THAT’S why you haven’t been posting!
    You’ve joined the circus in Holland, haven’t you! lol
    You know, at first glance I thought the pic of weird stuff in Germany was the Beatles. The fish, of course, was Ringo. Stanky.

    Tell the boss that I have a really good feeling about Armenia. Many pretty girls there. He may just find someone who can handle his bullshit. LOL
    Miss you guys bunches. xo

  4. Hey, you’ve come a long way from the Raleigh Burner. 🙂 Looks very professional, John! Still, nothing beats your ‘riding the death bike in and out of the traffic’ in the Testimony video (although cycling down Berlin’s Muehlenstrasse ‘anticlockwise’, on the wrong side of the road, did come close). 😉
    Love the other pics too, you’ve got a great eye for the things that surround you along the way. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.
    Ironically, you are in Germany these days and I am too far away to come and see you bassing for Mister Blunt. I’m still in Italy – Bad cyber connection here, the mood couldn’t be any better though. Hope in your case it’s not the other way round.
    Got to ‘Go’ now, ‘Time’ for ‘Happy Hour’.
    Much love
    Jade xx

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