Tour Pics July 23

Nyon Switzerland 40,000

Quimper France

Mantova Italy




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9 responses to “Tour Pics July 23

  1. cassiopee

    Thanks for sharing but why the look on Ben’s face? 🙂

    • jbfan132

      What’s wrong with you Ben? You look so sad. Here’s a big hug just for you.Thanks John, you have always good pictures.

  2. Napsi Beaumont

    What an awful punishment for poor Benny…………ahhhhhh. N x

  3. Lina

    Oh! I want one of those mini ponies! And one of those mini Ben’s too! Ahahahaaa!
    Honestly at first glance, I thought it was a wild boar. Errm, not Ben…the pony.


  4. Laurence Linou

    Thanks John for your “sunny” pictures to make us happy… Brittany is always under rain and cold… didn’t change since last tuesday. Your music and these pictures this aftenoon.. great cause back to work !! Waiting for your new album !!!

  5. Jade

    WOW, that’s quite a crowd. Nice that the full Paleo Festival concert was up on Dailymotion. Thorougly enjoyed watching this, amazing performance and great close-up’s of all of the band.
    … and yes, I also want one of those mini Ben’s, preferably complete with mini guitar!!
    It’s Carcasonne today, isn’t it? And here I was thinking the Tour de France was over. 😉 Saw a lovely picture of you on your bike recently… top-sprinter… impressed!! Another 4 weeks of touring (and cycling) and you’ll give Mister Cavendish a run for his money. 🙂 Just promise you’ll never stop making music…

  6. Laurence Linou

    “Just promise you’ll never stop making music”… I agree with you Jade and more than this !!

  7. Hello John, thanks to you and Ben for being so friendly in Mantova. Hope to see you in Italy again soon!!!

  8. Andree

    What a great crowd !!! Thank you for sharing !!! How about posting those pics on the app ? Thank you again 

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