Hong Kong

This is what I look like after climbing a 311 metre high stairway in the midday sun in 92o………Got a taxi back.

and later in the evening



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6 responses to “Hong Kong

  1. Laurence Linou

    It’s seems to be a beautiful place !! Here, the morning with a beautiful sun after so much rain !! Enjoy your tour here ! See you very soon in France.

  2. Lina

    Nice! Sweet pics Johnny! Wonder what kind of camera you’re using. Hope you’re keeping sane after so much work.
    Seriously missing you and the boys. X O

  3. Nice pics!!!.
    Hope u are having fun there…btw, u should upload a pic from Tenerife :p
    We miss you and the guys. Loads of love from Tenerife.

  4. Jade

    “So what have you done today that you’ve never done before…” – I guess climbing a 311 metre high stairway in the midday sun in Hong Kong is exactly that kind of thing. Apart from cycling, is that what you do to stay mentally and physically in shape on such a rather looooong tour? 90 shows down, at least 38 to go… up to now, that makes 90 So Longs to Jimmy, 90 Goodbyes to a lover and all in all approximately 5 hours of “You’re Beautiful”. I salute you for being so brave, Johnny. 😉
    Still, I hope the tour is going smoothly and that you get the chance to work on the songs for your own record from time to time. Does it have a working title like ‘Hotel Desire’, ‘Urge To Escape’ or something? Sorry I’m rambling on, it’s just, I sooo can’t wait for your new tunes and boy, you have no idea how much I miss your live performance. Come back soon, pretty please!

    Anyway, happy you push on with your blogging (what a word), as this is about the closest contemporaneous look I believe we can get into the workings of the band on the road plus your pics are always just WOW. Thank you for taking the time to share them.

  5. cassiopee

    The view of the bay is so soothing, Thanks for the pictures. It somehow reminds me of the years spent on a remote island…The oceans are our greatest treasure…


    hello John
    you seem to be warm!!!
    bravery !
    but this country is so beautiful

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