How To Record Natural Reverb

When you are in a hotel room

Recording backing vocals
Singapore Aug 10th 2011



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5 responses to “How To Record Natural Reverb

  1. Hahaha funny guy! =D .. Nice bathroom!
    Have fun guys and come back to Holland soon will you! ♥

  2. Lina

    What? No caves in Singapore?

  3. hahahaha, that is a cool way!!!
    Loads of love from Tenerife.

  4. Laurence Linou

    Hahaha !!! too… Do you need more backing vocals ? We would be very pleased to record some with you ! Always good sound in bathroom !!! LOL… Nice picture indeed… really happy you come back soon in Europe. Hope you really enjoy Asia before !!!!!! Nice place to go and nice people to meet !



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