Great Wall Of China

Also known as Triffic Wall Of China



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3 responses to “Great Wall Of China

  1. Wow awesome pictures John! You guys look like you have a great time! Well I bet you do! Enjoy it! You have like the best job in the world. Visiting so many cities and exploring those beautiful places. Enjoy and remember, the fans in Holland are waiting for you guys, especially me so place add another date! 😀

    Lots of love to you and the boys! x

  2. Jade

    Ah, again such great pics. You are getting around quite a little bit and, despite the job that has to be done almost every night, it really must be amazing to visit all these countries and see so many different places all around the world.
    Quite tricky – on my screen the 3rd and the 4th picture looked as if it was one big picture and I thought ‘Blimey, that’s one huge insect hanging over poor Benny’, but then I was relieved that it wasn’t.

    I really like the 2nd photograph; actually your recent blogging in general. Fist we got J.G. in the shower, then the hunk-o-riffic butt-shot and now this lovely portrait. If that’s your ‘Get any woman to fall for you in 3 steps’- technique, it’s definitely not lost on me!! 😉

    Saw this one somewhere on the net and thought it was also very nice:

    Keep shining, John, it suits you…

  3. Such an awesome pics…as usual.
    I love the fact that Ben looks really happy in the pic.
    Hope u are having a good time, loads of love from Tenerife <3.
    P.S. : I would like to see just one pic from Tenerife cause i bet u took at least one picture and if u did i'm pretty sure it is a good one.

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