Bored In Soundcheck – Durban South Africa



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6 responses to “Bored In Soundcheck – Durban South Africa

  1. Laurence Linou

    You look very pensive !
    This morning I awoke with “head toward the dawn” and then listened to “Departure”… great your music to make me feel happy. So long until I saw you and the band in october (Grenoble 1st). Now, I’m at my job, I’m allowed to listen music and testimony is playing. Thanks John for what you bring to us. I’m waiting for you new CD… Soon ???

  2. jbfan132

    Now that Asia and SA tour are over, I hope you’ll be enjoying a good rest with your loved ones. xx

  3. Your favourite Canadian comedian

    Is soundcheck really THAT boring?
    Suggestions to liven things up a bit:
    1) Pick your nose.
    2) Pick Karl’s nose.
    3) Loosen up the muscles by shaking your bon bon. (Hey, don’t look at me. Blame Ricky Martin for that one.)
    and if all else fails, you can always give Ben a wedgie.

  4. Lina

    Aww, very nice pic Johnnyboy.
    I think that poster above me is on crack. 😉

  5. xRuby

    Hey John! I bet you could use a good rest now! Enjoy your days off and see you again soon! 😉

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