A day off in Berlin with my iPhone



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8 responses to “A day off in Berlin with my iPhone

  1. … enjoy the city and the party on the German National holiday 🙂 – the pics are great!

  2. Lucy

    Strange but nice places, great pictures, you’re becoming a pro!

  3. Lina

    Iphone pics?! Sweet!
    I have a special love affair with my Iphone. Raoul and I (yes,…. his name is Raoul…don’t judge) are never apart. haha

    Hope you and the boys are healthy and in good spirits!

  4. cassiopee

    LIna : Raoul? Nice pic…looks like you’re having fun with your iphone 🙂

  5. xRuby

    Hi John! 😀

    The pictures are amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed your day off! You deserved it! 😉

    Lina: OMG you are so funny .. Raoul! LOL! 😀 ( Don’t worry, I won’t judge you .. I do the same thing with my items 😛 )

  6. Laurence Linou

    Hi John, great pictures ! Always a pleasure to see them ! thanks and see you soon in France, next concert for me : Grenoble ! Yeah !! and 4 more after this one ! It’s so long since I’ve heard you singing -in live- of course because your cds are always on !

  7. WOW, awesome pic of the Molecule Man, surrounded by this blazing blue. It’s great to see this sculpture through the lens of your iPhone; slightly different from how I see it every day when I’m in my office on the 6th floor, overlooking the river Spree. I think it’s a wonderful work of modern art – impressive and huge (much like your music).

    The 3rd shot is also great. How come now I’m picturing you on the nhow’s 8th floor, working on your forthcoming record? Wishful thinking I guess. No news on your ‘babies’ recently; I hope this does not mean you have given up on your project?! Just a tiny little update on how it’s coming along? Pretty please, I’d really really appreciate.

  8. karla

    I love your pics!!!
    From madrid, karla xx

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