My artist page at TC Electronics – I’m a touring nomad

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6 responses to “My artist page at TC Electronics – I’m a touring nomad

  1. Ahahahaha! I love that quote!
    Don’t ya just wish it could be the same for women?
    Ahem, sorry. 😉
    Great page Johnnyboy!

  2. Hi John, always a pleasure to have news from you.
    “My artist page at TC Electronics” is great. Thanks.

  3. Hi John

    Great page for all your fans and fans of James ! Thanks for posting it.

    Have a great time in Canada

    Big hugs from France


  4. Well actually, I’m sorry to say that I find the bass amazing in “into the dark”! I don’t know if it means “you’re too busy “while playing it, but it certainly means you’re doing a great job to me…;-)

  5. xRuby

    Wow nice page John! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  6. Big thumbs up for your great new page at TC Electronics. I love it – the interview and the pictures particularly.

    Since 2008, I’ve been to quite a few shows of yours, supporting James Blunt and I hate to admit that I ALWAYS thought “The bass player was amazing” – probably just because you NEVER were too busy, NEVER played any ‘slap’ or ‘six string’. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to “not notice” you (there must be some kind of way to simply ignore your handsome good looks, incredible voice and what an amazing singer/songwriter you are – if only I knew…)

    So, I haven’t stalked your blog in a while which does not at all mean the Garrison-itis I’ve developed over the past years has changed in any way. There’s no cure I suppose, but frequent listening helps a lot. Your very cool Johnny Vic – remix of “Clock Face” being a current fave of mine. And still “Departures” all the way – I’ll never tire of hearing these songs.
    I know there was something before you; I just can’t remember what it was. Thank you for the music!!
    Love always, Jade xxx

    PS: What are you doing on the 6th of July?? (Radio)headed to Berlin??

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