Last Gig of the Tour – Dubai



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10 responses to “Last Gig of the Tour – Dubai

  1. Flávia


  2. that picture beautiful, relaxed and happy!

  3. Karine

    sorry but I cannot stop listening to John Garrison now, i saw the picture and and now I’m like ‘COZzzz I I LEAVE ON FRIDAY DONT YOU TRY, TRY RUNNING AFTERR MEEE!IM GONE AND UNTIL NEXT TIME, TTUUUUMM TUMMM TUMMM TUMDUMDUMDUM!
    ok i nnneeedded to say it here because i’m going crazy here!

  4. Monica


    Greetings from Brazil that never will forget you guys!!!!


  5. Maggie

    Looking good guys,enjoy your time off:)see u next time

  6. Lina

    …And as I sit here thinking of all the years gone by and all the concerts I’ve attended, not knowing if our paths will cross again is the most difficult thought to ingest.
    I wish all of you the very best in your future endeavous. Keep smiling boys!
    Don’t be a stranger Johnny. xx

  7. jbfan132

    After this incredible journey, you’re all still looking good having a beer. Great! Thank you for all the memories, it’s been a fabulous World Tour. Guys, time for a well-deserved break. I’m listening “Too Blind To Hear” while I’m writing this message… 🙂 Wish you all the best John with your future projects. xx

  8. xRuby

    Hey John!

    What an amazing picture of you and the boys! You guys look amazing! 😀
    Thank you ever so much for the wonderful moments and memories this tour. It has been an amazing world tour for all of us 😀 .. Enjoy your well deserved rest! 😀 .. I wish you and the guys all the best and I hope to see you all again on the next tour!


  9. cassiopee

    and James’ smile says :Tour’s over : Ibiza beware!
    On more practical grounds, John, : I’d so love to see you sing “I leave on Friday” live 😉
    It’s been a wonderful year…All the best for your personal career, keep us posted…and take care!

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